Toilet Repair Services

The Toilet Repair Experts in Toledo

A well-functioning toilet is critical to ensure the sanitation of the house. Toilets are generally built to be reliable. However, poor toilet maintenance and toilet usage habits could cause problems. Other times, a genuine defect may spring up.

Whatever the problem, it is best to get a certified plumber to examine your toilet to determine the fault. T&J Rooter Service will come to your house, inspect your toilets and resolve any challenge quickly and skilfully, giving you assurance of first-rate capability and superior service.

Call us today and let our professionals take care of your toilet repair problems.

Toilet Repair Services

Our Toilet Repair Services

As toilet repair experts in Toledo, our team is equipped with the tools, expertise, and experience to restore your toilet. Here is a list of services we offer:

Toilet Repair Services

Fixing a Leaky Toilet

A leaking toilet is a large concern regardless of the extent of the leak. A slow leak can spread through the floor onto the floor below. The toilet needs repair to prevent permanent damage to the house. You can count on us to fix the leak immediately.


Repairing a Gurgling Toilet

When a toilet gurgles, it indicates an obstruction. Negative air pressure builds up in the drain line, resulting in an airlock. Calling us to inspect the reason for this noise is a wise move. Our team is equipped to determine the cause and address the concern with the right tools.


Toilet Rebuild

If your toilet gives you a number of troubles, you may first think of replacing it. However, it is important to know the root cause of the problem rather than jumping to a conclusion impulsively. We undertake all kinds of repairs to save up on your needless expenses for a new toilet.



A clog could result from several reasons—plumbing, dirt build-up, or obstructions. Using Drano or other anti-clogging solutions may not always be beneficial. You need professionals like us to deal with this issue and relieve the clog.


Toilet Replacement

If your toilet has aged, it may not be advisable to repair it. An older toilet will not be able to function properly despite repairs and may throw up more defects in the immediate future. In such a scenario, we recommend replacing the toilet.


Replacement of Flush Valve

If your toilet is running non-stop or not flushing at all, the defect may lie in the flush valve. When a toilet doesn’t flush, it is due to the tank level being too low or a clog. Trust T&J Rooter Service to provide the solution quickly and easily.


Fixing of Pull and Reset

This task involves removing the toilet and either fixing or replacing the wax ring to arrest the leakage. For professional plumbers like T&J Rooter Service, this task is effortless. We can get your toilet to function properly in a few hours.


Repairing the Toilet Seal

This is one of the commonest concerns reported to us. Often, the seals around a toilet will wear out due to usage. This can lead to pooling water. Our team of licensed professionals can repair the seal of the toilet and eliminate the pooling water.


Replace a Broken Seat

Traditional ceramic toilet seats can break due to improper usage or prolonged usage. If there is a crack in your toilet seat, call us to install a new one. We can replace it with a seat of your choice—a comfort seat or a soft closing seat.

If you have any of the above-mentioned toilet repair problems, give us a call and our professionals will inspect your toilet and have your system checked.

Tell-tale Signs That You Need Our Toilet Repair Services

Many homeowners may consider toilet repair to be trivial or needlessly expensive and opt to resolve the concern by themselves, ending up doing more harm than good. To stay safe and avoid lightening your wallet, here are the common signs you should not ignore:

Toilet Repair Services
  • Hissing or rumbling sound during flushing the toilet
  • Long time for tank refiling after a flush
  • Self-flushing of the toilet
  • Constant running of the toilet
  • Stink stemming from the toilet
  • Water accumulation around the base of the toilet

Many of the concerns listed above may not be critical. However, they can cause your toilet to work improperly, hence stressing the need for professional service for toilet repair.

Make the Right Choice About Your Toilet Today

Toilet repair may not be an everyday problem, but in case of a defect, you need seasoned professionals to resolve the concern. You can count on T&J Rooter Service in Toledo, OH, for fast, professional, and affordable plumbing services.

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