Frozen Pipes

Emergency Frozen Pipe and Burst Pipe Repair Service in Toledo

Frozen pipes are a problem for American homeowners every winter. Water in your pipes may freeze and solidify due to the low temperatures. Pipes burst from the expansion of frozen water. T&J Rooter Service in Toledo is here to help if you experience pipe damage due to the cold weather.

Because we know that plumbing problems don’t always happen at convenient times, we’re here to help our customers whenever they need us. The best part is that there are no surcharges for non-business days, evenings, or holidays. Every effort has been made to ensure your complete happiness.

Give us a call and our experts will reach your house in no time.

Frozen Pipe

Frozen Pipe Repair Service

Frozen Pipe

Frozen water pipes can burst within hours, if not minutes. If a pipe in your home bursts, thousands of gallons of water could flood your home, causing extensive damage and a significant financial loss. Because of the damage, your home may be unlivable for several weeks. You should call our plumbers as soon as you discover a frozen pipe so that we can come to evaluate the situation and begin repairs right away!


Defrost Pipes

If your pipes are frozen, water cannot pass through it. We will immediately come to your house and defrost them and remove visible ice blocks so that water can easily pass through it.


Fix Broken Pipes

Frozen pipes can easily break if water is unable to pass and the pressure is high. If your pipe is leaking, shut off the water supply and call us immediately.


Install New Pipes

In a situation where frozen pipes are beyond repair, our professionals will suggest you replace and install new pipes.

Professionals at T&J Rooter Services are available 24/7 to fix frozen water pipes in Toledo, Northwood, Oregon, and other neighboring areas in Ohio. Our licensed plumbers are trained to defrost frozen pipes, fix broken ones, and advise on how to avoid freezing in the future.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work and are available around the clock to respond to any plumbing emergency.

Tell Tale Signs That Your Pipes are Frozen

Are you worried about your pipes being frozen? Don’t wait until it’s too late to take action! Here are some tell-tale signs that your pipes might be frozen and what you can do to prevent further damage.


Reduced Water flow at one or more fixtures

If pipes are frozen, the water flow will reduce or won’t flow through them at all. This may also result in flooding.


Pipes that are covered in ice or visible ice blocks

If you notice reduced water flow, look at your pipes to check If you can see some ice blocks. If there are ice blocks inside, it is time to call in the professionals.


Damaged or deformed pipes

Frozen pipes can get deformed easily. Don’t waste time assessing the situation or DIY anything. Instead, call the professionals at T&J Rooter Service.

We are Here to Fix Frozen Pipes

Professionals at T&J Rooter Service are available around the clock, every day of the week, to help with frozen pipe repair and replacement. Please get in touch with us at 419-474-8774.

Frozen Pipe

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