Sonde and Locating

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Would you like to know the exact location of the subsurface infrastructure in a job site before you start excavating? Or, are you after a quick and efficient way to inspect your water, sewer, and lateral pipelines for defects and other issues?

At T&J Rooter Service, we provide expert sonde and locating services, so you never have to resort to trenching, drilling, or digging.

Give us a call and let our utility locating specialists fix you from resorting to expensive and less effective solutions.

Sonde and Locating

How Our Sonde and Locating Services Work

Sonde and Locating

Locating and mapping utility lines is crucial before starting any major construction works or excavations on a site. Doing so saves you from extra project costs and eliminates the risks of unintentional damages. Usually, you would have to dig up random places until you found the path of your pipelines.

However, you no longer have to go through this inconvenience when you can complete this process faster and more efficiently with our sonde and locating services. Our utility locating specialists will use sondes, self-contained mini transmitters that emit electromagnetic waves at a standard frequency to find the path of underground pipelines.

These sondes are placed into non-metallic pipes via cabling or snaking. Our operators will locate these signals and then mark the positions on the ground. We will keep doing this until the entire length of the pipe is traced or all locations with defects or bends are identified.

Why Opt For Our Sonde and Locating Services

Fast and Affordable

Unlike traditional techniques of locating underground pipelines, our sonde and finding services are fast and highly accurate. Since we will not conduct exploratory digging, you will not have to worry about excavation costs or dealing with the massive mess once we are done.

Great for Detecting Defects and Blockages

Our utility locating specialists also use sondes to detect defects and blockages in a pipe by locating the position where they stop. As such, besides helping with mapping, our sonde and locating services assist in identifying problems in underground pipes.

Shows Depth of Non-metallic Pipes

Our operators analyze the signal sent from our sondes to determine the depth of non-metallic pipes. You will also note that our equipment can easily detect depths of up to 15 feet. This way, we won’t miss any underground pipes in your property.

Work With a Reliable Team

You can always count on our utility locating specialists for top-notch services as we use cutting-edge equipment to locate and map your subsurface infrastructure.

Quickly Locate and Inspect Your Utility Lines With T&J Rooter Service

Avoid the expensive and time-consuming processes of digging, trenching, or drilling to locate and inspect your utility lines when we have more efficient techniques. Our sonde and locating services are a quick, effective, and cost-friendly solution that you can always count on.

Get in touch with us today, and let us help you locate and inspect your utility lines.

Sonde and Locating

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