Toilet Installation Services

The Toilet Installation Experts in Toledo

A toilet is critical to ensure the sanitation of the house. A brand-new toilet from a reputed and credible manufacturer will serve you for years. A professional installation by T&J Rooter Service not only makes the job easy but also ensures that the job is done well. Our licensed plumbers will come to your house, know your budget, understand your preferences, choose the toilet that meets your requirement, and install it reliably and quickly.

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Toilet Installation Services

Our Toilet Installation Service

Toilet Installation Services

Our toilet installation service covers A to Z of the process:

  • Purchase of the new toilet and delivery to your house
  • Replacement of the old toilet with the new one
  • Attachment of flange bolts, wax ring, seat-mounting bolts, and supply lines
  • Testing of the new toilet to ensure proper operation
  • Dumping of the old toilet
  • Debris cleanup

We Install All Kinds of Toilets

As toilet repair experts in Toledo, our team is equipped with the tools, expertise, and experience to restore your toilet. Here is a list of services we offer:


Gravity-Feed Toilets

True to the name, this toilet functions through gravity. When you push the handle, a valve opens within the tank and the water drops due to the gravitational force. This toilet has a few moving parts. Its repair is easy and involves fewer expenses.


Single Flush Toilets

This toilet has only one flush mechanism. Both liquid and solid waste are flushed with the same amount of water. This toilet has practically no bells and whistles. It is easier to use and is fool-proof for the average user.


Dual Flush Toilets

This toilet has 2 buttons to perform different kinds of flushes. One button is for liquid waste and the other is for solid waste. This toilet can save up to 67% of the water used to flush. Additionally, it helps save you money on the water bill.


Waterless Toilets

This toilet doesn’t use water to transport human excreta. It has the solid waste collected in a small discrete compost chamber directly beneath the toilet pedestal. An electric fan continually circulates air through the chamber. This action eliminates odors and drives the composting process.


One-Piece Toilets

In this toilet, the tank is connected directly to the bowl. In this sense, it is one full unit. The installation of this toilet is easy. Furthermore, it is compact. However, the tank is considerably smaller than most other toilets. This toilet is durable and less likely to crack or leak.


Two-Piece Toilets

This is the most common type of toilet in the US. It has the toilet tank and toilet bowl attached together with bolts and gaskets during installation. This toilet is easier to handle and is lighter than a one-piece toilet. Also, it can be customized for styles and heights.


Pressure-Assisted Toilets

The toilet uses both water and pressurized air to increase the velocity of the flushing water. It generates a powerful flush. It is both efficient and powerful and saves up on money. The increased velocity of the water breaks up solid waste easily, thus obviating the need for a larger trapway.


Double Cyclone Toilets

This toilet uses gravity to suck the water down from the toilet tank. It pushes the water into the bowl using centrifugal force. It is quieter than the conventional toilet and uses less water. The flush is powerful enough to reach the entire toilet bowl for thorough cleansing.


Wall-Mounted Toilets

In this toilet, the toilet bowl is mounted directly to the wall. Its tank is installed inside the wall. Such an arrangement takes up less space. The overall design of this toilet is modern and is suited best for compact bathrooms.


Comfort-Height Toilets

This toilet has a higher seat in comparison to a traditional toilet. It is between 17 to 19 inches compared to the conventional 15 inches. It is similar to the height of a chair. It is best suited for tall individuals and for the elderly who have a hard time getting up from a low seat.

Make the Right Choice About Your Toilet Today

Toilet installation is not an everyday requirement, but if done right, it avoids stress and hassle arising out of poor set-up. This is why you need seasoned professionals to meet your requirement.

You can count on T&J Rooter Service in Toledo, OH, for fast, professional, and affordable plumbing services.

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