Holland, Ohio

Holland, Ohio: An Exploration of History, Neighborhoods, and Notable Attractions

Holland, Ohio, is a community of immense character, rich history, and vibrant neighborhoods. Nestled in the heartland of the United States, this village in Lucas County brims with fascinating stories, attractions, and a unique charm that distinguishes it from other Ohio regions.

A Dive into Holland’s History

The foundation of Holland, Ohio, traces back to the mid-19th century. It was first settled in 1852, though it did not officially become a village until 1923.

The original settlers were primarily from Holland in Europe, a factor that inspired the naming of this community. From a small farming village, Holland has grown significantly, integrating aspects of modernization while still maintaining its historical integrity.

Neighborhoods in Holland, Ohio

There are various neighborhoods within Holland, Ohio, each boasting its unique qualities and features.

NeighborhoodNotable Features
Springfield TownshipA vibrant community with a mix of suburban and rural settings
Holland-SylvaniaKnown for its extensive shopping and dining options
CrisseyRenowned for its quiet, serene environment
WolfingerHosts numerous community and cultural events throughout the year

Springfield Township

Springfield Township is characterized by a blend of suburban and rural settings, with single-family homes, apartment buildings, and green farmland. It’s a haven for those who desire to reside close to nature without sacrificing the convenience of suburban life.


Holland-Sylvania stands out for its numerous shopping and dining options. Residents here enjoy a bustling atmosphere with quick access to major retail outlets, eateries, and entertainment centers.


Crissey is the neighborhood for those seeking peace and tranquility. The area features cozy homes in quiet, tree-lined streets, and has maintained its charm and appeal over the years.


Wolfinger is a dynamic community that hosts various cultural and community events throughout the year. Its rich historical and cultural heritage, coupled with its active community, makes it a fascinating neighborhood to explore.

Notable Attractions in Holland, Ohio

Holland’s attractions showcase its rich history and cultural diversity. Some of these notable sites include:

  • The Strawberry Acres Park: This popular park features a playground, walking trails, and sports facilities. It’s the venue for various community events, including the annual Strawberry Festival.
  • Springfield High School: Known for its outstanding educational performance, Springfield High School also has several athletic facilities that host local and regional competitions.
  • The Shops at Fallen Timbers: This open-air shopping center hosts a variety of popular retail stores, restaurants, and a movie theater. It’s a popular spot for residents and visitors.

Holland, Ohio: Statistical Data

As of the last census, Holland had a population of approximately 1,800 residents. It spans an area of about 0.84 square miles, and is primarily a residential community. Key data points include:

  • Median household income: $60,000
  • Median home value: $155,000
  • Average age: 38 years

In terms of education, the majority of Holland’s population has a high school diploma, with approximately 22% possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher.


Holland, Ohio, is a fascinating blend of history, vibrant neighborhoods, and notable attractions. It maintains a unique charm and character, showcasing the richness of American Midwest culture. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Holland offers a blend of historical richness and contemporary appeal that leaves a lasting impression.


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