Gas Leaks

Reliable gas leaks repair and installation in Toledo

In order to have a dry, warm, and comfortable home throughout the year, gas lines are an absolute necessity. However, there are naturally volatile elements in your gas line that can be harmful if not handled properly. Gas lines corrode with use and age, making them more prone to leaks and breaks.

Our expert team at T&J Rooter Service has completed rigorous training and earned the necessary certifications according to Columbus Gas Company to detect and fix gas leaks.

Gas Leak Repair Service

The gas meter is where the gas supply into your home is measured. Then it travels via a complex network of pipes in your home, powering essential systems like heating and hot water heaters.

Given the variety of valves, fittings, and other components in your home, gas leaks can occur in a number of different spots.

Nevertheless, T&J Rooter Service can help with the following:

Gas Leaks

Gas Leak Repairs

Because of the difficulty in detecting a gas leak through smell alone, these incidents should be taken very seriously. In the event that you suspect a gas line leak, it is best to have the repair performed by trained professionals. We have experts on hand who can quickly locate and repair any leaks.


Bringing Up Code as Per Columbus Gas Company

In Ohio, almost every homeowner has gas connections from Columbus Gas Company. We work in coordination with them to bring up the code as per Columbus Gas Company.



It is possible that after T&J Rooter Service professionals arrive at your home to repair your gas lines, they will need to replace the faulty pipes, valves, or fittings. The problem may be as simple as adjusting some valves or rerouting some pipes. Whatever the case may be, we will promptly repair or replace your gas pipes so that your home is once again in a safe condition.


New Installation

If you have recently bought or shifted to your new home, call us anytime and we will provide a brand-new installation at your place.

Tell-tale Signs That Your Gas is Leaking

Gas Leaks

Rotten Egg Odor

One of the signs of a gas leak is an unusual odor in the house. Most people describe the odor of natural gas as similar to that of rotten eggs.


Hissing Sound

A gas leak in your house can cause a hissing sound. Although not everyone can hear it if it if the leak is slow, you need to call in professionals immediately if you notice any smell. Some homeowners also experience dizziness and nausea.

If you want to know for sure if there’s a gas leak at your house in Ohio, you should hire a licensed plumber like T&J Rooter Service. They have the means to conduct the necessary tests to determine whether or not there is a gas leak. Then, if experts detect a gas leak, they will fix it. You shouldn’t try to handle this on your own because of how much is at stake.

Aging Gas Lines Need Expert Care

Professionals at T&J Rooter Service are available around the clock, every day of the week, to help with gas leak detection and repair. Please get in touch with us at 419-474-8774.

Gas Leaks

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