Sump Pump Installation and Replacement

The best sump pump installation and replacement service in Toldeo

In the event of a plumbing emergency or severe weather, the sump pump of your Toledo home is the last line of defense against flooding. Most often, they are placed in the basement or the lowest point of a house to intercept any overflowing water in the event of a flood.

T&J Rooter Service is the company to call when you need assistance with your home’s sump pump. Our licensed and insured plumbers have been delighting clients all over the country for years.

You can rest easy knowing that your home is being protected from flooding by professionals who are highly skilled, fully licensed, and regularly trained.


Sump Pump Installation

Our Sump Pump Installation and Replacement Services

Sump Pump Installation

We offer the following sump pump services:


Sump Pump Installation

We offer new sump pump installation services for new homeowners who live in flood-prone areas or are susceptible to water damage through drains.


Sump Pump Replacement

If you think your sump pump is not working as expected, give us a call and we will relace it immediately with a brand new pump.


Backup Battery Installation and Testing

In case of floods and rains when there’s no electricity, battery helps the sump pump to work and drain out any additional water that may otherwise get inside your house.

The lowest point of a house is chosen as the optimal location for a sump pump because this is where water is most likely to accumulate. They work when the water level rises enough to trigger a device called a float switch. In high-risk flood zones, a sump pump can provide much-needed peace of mind.

Sumo Pumps are also useful for supplementing drainage systems that can’t handle extreme precipitation on their own. As with any mechanical device, sump pumps require occasional service and new installations. T&J Rooter Service’s routine inspection and maintenance will guarantee that your pump will work in an emergency.

We offer pumps from reputed manufacturers that include Hydromatic, Zoeller, PHCC, and Glentronics.

What Happens if My Sump Pump Has Issues?

In the event of flooding, a sump pump is meant to be the last line of defense. As a result, when one breaks down, it can have devastating effects on homeowners. We can send a team to your home to either replace or install a new sump pump, and we’ll also test your existing pump to make sure it’s ready for any unexpected water problems.

Common Sump Pump problems include:

  • Broken float switches
  • Lack of power backup
  • Faulty check valve
  • Clogged intake valve
Sump Pump Installation

Benefits of Getting Sump Pump Replaced and Installed by Us

We use reputed and branded sump pumps and they come with a brand warranty. The pumps can be submersible as well as pedestals depending on your home’s needs. This offers peace of mind.

Make Sure Your Sump Pump is Flawless

We are aware that you have options when it comes to sump pump services, and we have worked tirelessly to ensure that your experience with us is unparalleled. Professionals at T&J Rooter Service are available around the clock, every day of the week, to help with sump pump replacement and installation. Please get in touch with us at 419-474-8774 or visit our website.

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