Sewer Line Cleaning

Expert and Affordable Sewer Line Cleaning Services in Toledo, OH

Are your sewers collecting filth and becoming a sore sight for your neighbors and a feast for the residential rodents? Or are they in a hidden spot, and you can smell them before you can see them?

Maybe you tried pulling out some of the remnants, but now you need an expert to pitch in before you gag.

The highly skilled crew at T&J Rooster Service will unclog and clean your sewer lines thoroughly. Our experts have seen some nasty sewer lines, so your sewer is in good hands… while our hands are in them.

If you don’t want your sewer lines to become a safety hazard, call T&J Rooter Service now!

Sewer Line Cleaning

Don’t Wait for Your Sewer Cleaning Task To Become an Emergency

Sewer Line Cleaning

Sewer lines create a maze under your lawn. They might break or get damaged if you don’t clean them often. Fixing them may require digging up some of your favorite flowers. So please don’t wait around till it reaches that stage.

Cleaning is better than restoring, correct?

Our sewer line cleaning experts have used high-pressure jets to flush out:

  • Tree roots and twigs
  • Plastic waste
  • Grease and soap
  • so much more

We dig through six inches to patch up pipes, clear out the main lines, identify blockages, etc.

Our goal is to help you avoid repairs and replacements. Contact us to schedule a house inspection today.

If Any of These Are Happening…You Need Our Sewer Line Clean-Up Crew

You probably won’t know it’s time to clean the sewer lines until it’s overburdened and too late. To avoid expensive repairs at a later stage, you can consider the following signs to gauge whether it is time to call our certified crew:

  • Flooding in your lawns, basements, garages, and sheds
  • Slow drainage across the house, especially sinks
  • Gurgling sounds from inside the drain
  • Foul odors
  • Backed-up sinks, bathtubs, and toilets
  • Water leaking from the walls

Do not wait for all the signs to show up. Even one of these is sufficient to indicate that your sewers must be examined.

When you notice any of these signs, contact T&J Rooster Service, and our technician will help you figure out what the issue might be.

A Flooded Basement Is a Flooded House Waiting To Happen

We are the only sewer line cleaning company in Ohio with a dedicated Basement Flooding Grant Program.

Are you a property owner who goes to the basement only once in a while to clean out the dust bunnies? You may need to find out whether your basement is ripe for flooding from city sewers.

If the flood has already occurred, our Program Staff will help you identify the cause. Once we know why it happened, we will hand the reins to our sewer line cleaning team to leave it spotless and dry.

When the basement is hosed down, we will damage-proof it to prevent future floods. Our services provide long-term protection, not just short-term relief.

A basement that has been flooded once is likely to get flooded again. We will also get our sewer system team to check whether all systems are working as they should.

You can dial 419-936-2924 to get in touch with our sewer dispatcher if you think your basement flood is because of sewer backup.

The emergency dispatch number will put you on our waiting list, and till your turn comes, we will provide you with stopgap measures to stop the flooding and plug the leak. We want to give you instant solutions till we can get to you with all our tools.

Here are all the documents, checklists, and essential resources you will need when the basement starts filling up:


Basement Flooding Grant Program Application


What to do when your basement floods


Basement Flooding Guide


Downspout Disconnect from Sanitary Sewer Information


Flood Drain Check Valve Information


Basement Grant Flooding FAQ


New Ownership of a Sewage Check Valve


Residential Stormwater Management


Reducing the Chance for Future Flooding - Steps You Can Take


Program Contractor List

Call us to become a part of this unique program at T&J Rooster Service!

Benefits of Our Sewer Line Cleaning Services

With our services, you get the following:

Detailed Inspections

We are confident in our claim that once we clean the sewer lines, all the telltale signs you have been noticing will be gone. We inspect the sewer lines after we finish cleaning to ensure you won’t have to worry about it till the next round of cleaning is due.

Swift Resolution of Problems

Time is of the essence when a sewer line is blocked because of trash or any item that clogs it. The team will be assigned to you quickly after your call, and till we get there, we will communicate all the temporary solutions you can execute.

Reliable Experts

Our team of sewer line cleaners is trained, punctual and prompt with its delivery of services. We go beyond the minimum standards of safety and cleanliness to give you the best service possible.

24/7 Contact

You can contact us anytime you feel your sewer lines have reached Code Red. A blocked sewer line is a disaster in the making, and we are there to help you when you need it.

Exciting Offers

Getting your sewers cleaned is far from exciting, but we make up for it with exciting offers that will take some of the headache away.

Prevent Permanent Damage to Your Sewer Systems – Give Us a Call Today

Clogged sewer lines that have not been cleaned for a while can lead to broken sewer systems, which can be expensive to repair. With T&J Rooster Service, you can prevent avoidable damage to your main sewer line. Our cleaning team is dedicated to leaving your sewer lines immaculate and pristine.

Sewer Line Cleaning

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