Clogged Drains?

Get rid of clogged drains with hydro jetting experts in Toledo

Clogged drains and sluggish water flow are usually very frustrating. In addition to causing sewage backups, this can also taint the household’s water supply. If this is a persistent issue, you should talk to your landlord about getting the pipes professionally cleaned. Hydro jetting is one such method.

These are typical inquiries received by our licensed plumbers from customers in the Northwest, OH area. The following are some examples of the debris and clog-causing substances that can be flushed out of plumbing pipes with this method:

  • Grease
  • Mineral scale
  • Debris
  • Tree roots

Hydro Jetting Service You Can Count On

Being the drain cleaning experts in Toledo, you can trust us. Our team is always ready to restore your drains to their original condition. Hydro Jetting can:


Eliminate Clogs

High-pressure water will quickly flush out any obstructions in your plumbing system.


Clear Tree Roots

When absolutely necessary, the pressurized water can blast through stubborn obstacles like tree roots.


Clear Pipe Walls

For stubborn clogs in grease and pipe walls, try hydro jetting. Minerals and grease cannot stand for its ability to clean.

Tell-Tale Signs Your Pipes Need Hydro Jetting

You may be wondering if hydro jetting is right for your Ohio home. Now that you know what it is and how it operates, a licensed and experienced plumber from T&J Rooter Service can best answer this question. However, if you notice the following signs, don’t hesitate to give us a call:


Foul Odor

Scum, debris, and other unwelcome items that collect in your drain will eventually decompose, resulting in an unpleasant smell. The smell will quickly spread through the entire plumbing system, including the sinks, bathroom, and toilet.


Water and Sewage Backing Up

Any sewage or water that is backing up into an area should be treated as a serious problem, as it indicates a major blockage somewhere in the plumbing system. If you disregard this, wastewater will eventually leak through any available opening, creating a huge mess.


Slow Draining Water

When water takes a long time to drain, it’s a sign that your drains are clogged and need clearing or cleaning. Keep an eye out for these issues in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet in particular.

Hydro Jetting Process at T&J Rooter Service

  1. Your plumber will find the cleanout in your plumbing system so that he can easily access all of the pipes.
  2. Before jetting, he uses a camera to look inside your drains and pipes to make sure everything is in order. In this stage, we look for preexisting damage that will be exacerbated by the procedure, such as broken or deteriorating pipes.
  3. Your plumber will likely run the jetting hose through the plumbing system toward the drains. This long-lasting hose connects to a pressurized water storage tank.
  4. The water pressure in your pipes will be adjusted by your plumber. To perform hydro jetting, water pressure of up to 35,000 psi is typically used.
  5. Once the high-pressure water is turned on, the tool travels upstream through the plumbing lines, scouring the inner pipe walls as it goes.
  6. The device clears the pipe walls of any debris that has accumulated inside. Debris is safely flushed out of the house as gravity pulls it down through the pipes.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting From T&J Rooter Service

Zero Chemicals Used

Hydro jetting is chemical-free, unlike store-bought drain cleaners, which can eat away at your pipes and cause more harm than good.

Results are Long Lasting

Hydro jetting will eliminate the need to chase after a clog, resulting in drains that stay clear for longer.

Hydro Jetting is a Fast Process

When compared to the time-consuming and messy dig-up process typically required for repairing sewer lines, hydro jetting is a much more efficient and convenient option.

Safe for Pipes and Drains

Hydro jetting, when performed by trained professionals from T&J Rooter Service, is a safe and effective method of clearing pipes of debris, which not only improves water and waste flow but also extends the life of pipes and reduces water bills.

Transparent Pricing

If you give us a call, we’ll come to your location, assess the situation, and give you a no-cost quote before beginning any work. We provide upfront and complete pricing in all of our quotes, as well as flexible finance options.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our work is guaranteed to provide you with the best possible outcome for your business with us. You can rest assured that you will receive nothing less than flawless results from our team.

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All T&J Rooter Services come with a satisfaction guarantee, and our experts will recommend hydro jetting only if they determine it will be the most effective method for clearing out your pipes.

T&J Rooter Service offers plumbing and sewage services that can help you remove any debris that has found its way into your pipes and caused a blockage. While removing debris and fixing obstructions, our plumbers are mindful of your plumbing system’s condition and work carefully to preserve it.

Don’t put your plumbing at risk with careless cleaning. Don’t risk any damage to your pipes; hire our licensed plumbers to inspect and hydro jet them instead. Our professional plumbers can fix anything from gas leakage to sewer and drain blockage. Please get in touch with us at 419-474-8774.

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