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Drain Cleaning Services

The Drain Cleaning Experts in Toledo

Well-functioning drains are crucial to the overall performance of your plumbing system. Unfortunately, we never think about these plumbing components until they get clogged, or a problem occurs, and they can no longer drain waste water efficiently.

Blocked, cracked, or damaged drains are highly disruptive and can be a health and safety hazard to your family. As such, you need the assurance that these problems can be resolved quickly and skillfully―T&J Rooter Service offers fast, affordable, and reliable drain services.

Call us now and let our professional take care of all your drain problems.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

As the drain cleaning experts in Toledo, our team is ever ready to restore the integrity of your drains through our services that cover the following:

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a common plumbing issue often caused by:

Debris buildup, which commonly occurs because of natural debris such as twigs or leaves and flushing unwanted items such as baby wipes, menstrual products, fats & oils, medication, hair, and food particles.

Damaged pipes, which commonly occur due to corrosion, roots, leaks in joints & seals, drain pipe collapse, and natural events like heavy rainfall that cause shifting in the ground.

While there are different types of drains in a home, we have the hands-on experience to flush them out when they are clogged, and you can count on us for:


Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Your bathroom drains deal with dirt and waste material, from hair and soap residue to toothpaste and shampoo, leading to blockages. However, bathroom clogs should never be a reason for you to sacrifice your comfort and hygiene when T&J Rooter Service is only a phone call away.


Main Drain Cleanout

If you are experiencing sewage buildup, the most probable cause is a clogged main drain. Fortunately for you, we offer an emergency main drain cleanout, as we know the level of mess that this can create for you and your neighbors.


Clogged Toilet Cleaning

If you have a clogged toilet problem that a plunger cannot clear, then it is time to give us a call. We have seen the worst of problems, and with our expertise plus equipment, you will have your toilet freely flowing in no time.


Kitchen Drain Cleanout

Kitchen drains often clog much quicker than other drains, given the amount of food particles, dish soap, and grease that go through them daily. If you notice slow draining or standing water on these drains, then it must be time for a clean out, and we are the local experts you can always count on.


Floor Drain Cleaning

Floor drains play a crucial role as they help prevent severe water damage in case of flooding or plumbing emergencies. To help protect your home, we offer routine inspection and cleaning of your floor drains, so they can effectively handle all water overflows in your home.


Basement Drain and Sump Pumps

The risk of flooding and sewage backup in your basement is one that you must never ignore. A way out is to hire our drain cleaning experts to check and clean your basement drain and sump pumps, so nothing is left to chance.


Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Your outdoor drain needs as much attention as your floor drains since they help direct water runoff from your home. Since these drains quickly develop clogs due to the buildup of dirt, leaves, twigs, and other natural debris, we provide annual outdoor drain cleaning services.


Commercial Drain Cleaning

Your business, industrial, and commercial drains can get clogged and lead to a huge mess and losses if not contained as quickly as possible. At T&J Rooter Service, we have you covered for all commercial drain cleaning needs as we rely on proven techniques and equipment to resolve any issues you might be facing.

Drain Clearing Services

Do you have a slow-draining sink, shower, or tub and want a quick way to clear the clogs? Our drain clearing services come in handy whenever it is not necessary to thoroughly flush out your pipes.

The service is recommended for when your drains do not have tough clogs and can quickly be cleared using the following:


Snaking/Rooter Services

For our rooter services, we will use a plumbing snake, a heavy-duty cable with a blade powered by a motor, to break up blockages in your pipes. It will help restore normal water flow in your plumbing system without digging out your pipes.


Drain Cleaners

If you have a water drainage problem that does not require our snaking services, we will use specially formulated drain cleaners to clear your pipes and drains. Our drain cleaners are a fast, safe, and effective solution to any stubborn clogging problem you might be facing.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the best alternative where traditional pipe clearing methods are ineffective. Here, we use pressurized water delivered through a specialized hose and nozzle to flush out all unwanted objects and debris in your pipes. While this method sounds easy, only professionals must perform it to avoid damage to your pipes due to the high pressure.

At T&J Rooter Service, all our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and our professionals will only offer hydro jetting services when it is the most effective option for those stubborn pipe clogs.

Drain Replacement

If damaged or cracked pipes are the cause of your drain clogging problem, the best solution is to have them replaced. T&J Rooter Service provides high-grade drain replacement services, which despite not being a quick or cheap fix, offer long-term value.

We highly recommend our drain replacement services if you have the following:

  • A drain problem that keeps repeating itself,
  • A plumbing system that is 25 to 40 years or older, or
  • Drains that have been severely damaged.

As a policy, our plumbers will strictly use high-quality materials and the latest replacement methodologies so you have a solution that will last decades. We offer a 100% guarantee on our drain replacements and will come back and fix any problem that occurs within the first 24 months at no extra cost.

If you have a persistent drain clogging problem and would love to have your plumbing system checked, give us a call today, and we will ensure you have a lasting solution for your issues.

Tell-tale Signs That You Need Our Drain Cleaning Services

Many homeowners never know when to call for our drain cleaning services and wait until they have an emergency to reach out. In most cases, this is a little too late as you will likely need costly repairs, not to mention the hazardous situation you and your family will face. To stay safe, here are the common signs you should not ignore:


Foul Odor

The buildup of scum, debris, and other unwanted objects in your drain will lead to decomposition that causes a foul odor. It will quickly spread, and soon you will notice a bad smell from your sinks, bathroom, toilet, and other parts of your plumbing system.


Bubbling Toilets

If your toilet bubbles before, during, or after flushing, you most likely have a clog in your system. While it is advisable to use your plunger to try and clear the problem, do not forget to contact our experts so they can examine your system and offer a long-term solution.


Water or Sewage Backing Up

Always take any water or sewage backing up seriously, as this indicates a severe obstruction of your plumbing system. Ignoring this can quickly lead to a big mess as all the wastewater will soon start coming out of any open surface.


Slow Draining Water

Slow-draining water is a common sign that your drains are clogged and must be cleared or cleaned before the problem worsens. Pay extra attention to your toilet, bathroom, and kitchen, where these problems are most common.


Puddles of Water Near or Along Your Plumbing System

If you start noticing puddles of water near or along your plumbing system, it is vital to look into it as fast as possible. While this might not be a clogging problem, it is most likely to be a plumbing issue that needs to be resolved.

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